The Most Common Essay Writing Mistakes

Some people may say that essay writing is easy as ABC. However, many students end up with poorly written paper and having no idea how to fix that. According to paper writers college writing assignments can be really challenging! Here we will show you several the most common mistakes of essay writing.

  • Structural flow. Such essays are usually called the “walk-through” – it is when the essay follows the structure of the reference without creating something new.
  • Usage of “time” or “listing” words in the beginning of paragraphs, for instance, next, after, also, in addition. Because of these paragraph openers an essay looks like a chronology of the source text or a listing of examples.
  • Threadbare themes. Students often write what they think the audience wants to hear. However, you may rest assured that admission officers, for example, read thousands of essays about the evils of terrorism. Tell them something new!
  • Eliminate unnecessary words. There is no need to use forty words where you can use five.
  • Check your paper for plagiarisms! Teachers have 0 tolerance towards plagiarized papers so check your paper with help of plagiarism detection software.
  • Proofread your paper! Computer spell check can miss some spelling or grammar mistakes – carefully read your paper and correct all mistakes.
  • Do not use whity-brown information. You should use only specific information taken from relevant and reliable resources.
  • Make your research scientifically in-depth. Analyze sector-specific relevant data with help of the most appropriate methods.