The Common Essay Types

Sometimes students face an assignment for a type of essay they have never even heard before. Without knowledge of the requirements of the college papers it is impossible to write them properly – and every type has its own peculiarities.

We can distinguish such common essay types: descriptive, classification, cause and effect and compare and contrast essay.

Descriptive Essay

Here the name speaks for itself. You have to describe something or someone in detail. Yet the purpose of the essay is not a description alone – you have to evoke emotions of the reader. The main tip here is to give examples and make inferences when possible. So your reader will be able to bridge the events and draw conclusions.

Classification Essay

It is a discussion of things with the same characteristics. Here it is necessary to narrow the topic to find something that can be easily compared. To write interesting classification essay develop the classification and order of presentation before you start writing.

Compare and Contrast Essay

The main purpose of this type is to compare two or more objects and describe both similarities and differences. There are many different ways how to arrange essays of this type properly. However, college paper writers give advice to use a Venn diagram. It looks like two circles that overlap. The middle of the circles is the common things of the items.

Cause and Effect Essay

Here you have to give an explanation why something happened and what happens as a result. The language of this essay type stands out because of specific transitions (So, As a result, Because and so on). And there are three patterns that are usually used: domino effect, cause – multiple effects, multiple causes – one effect.