Complex Writing Project? Scrivener to the Rescue!

Scrivener is an alternative writing tool that may come in handy when you are working on long and complex academic writing projects. It was specially creates in such a way that it manages the writing projects easily, while the content generator creates text in linear fashion and you receive a possibility to pay all attention to proper formatting and structuring of the paper.

What are the advantages of this writing tool?

The researches show that this tool is timesaving: you can save at least 15% in comparison with Word. Some academics use it in order to write articles and even books. Some professors take an advantage of it, structuring the syllabi or collect all information concerning exams in one place with its help.

The main principle of the work of the tool is that it gives you a possibility to work with several opened documents at the same time and you can write separate parts of the document. Also it is possible to gather all supportive materials like pdfs, other documents, audio, image and video files and open them there. This tool is ideal for working on projects. Basically, the work with Scrivener is:

  1. Coming up with ideas
  2. Making of parallels between them
  3. Reshuffling of ideas
  4. Placing comments on the written parts of the project and collected supportive materials
  5. Iteration of the process

You can customize the view of the screen according to your needs. Moreover, you can change the view of the screen due to the requirements of the particular stage of work.

Scapple, additional product to the Scrivener may come in handy if you need to organize your ideas concerning the project – in fact it is a visual tool that makes connections between ideas.

What are the disadvantages of the Scrivener?

It is a tool for single-handed work, there are no possibilities to collaborate with others, until the draft is converted in the standard doc file.

In fact, it is a tool for drafting, so creation of the final version of the project should be replaced to other tools. And it is hard to handle citations there, as it doesn’t cooperate well with many citation management programs.