College Essay Requirements

For many paper writers college writing is something dreadful because of many pitfalls. The main aim of the college paper is to develop writing, presentation, evaluation and analytical skills as well as check the knowledge of the subject. Here are essential requirements of successful paper:

  • Well-written essay should have the following structure:
    1. Here you have to introduce the subject and state the thesis. The aim of this part is to show that you are acquainted with the issue.
    2. Main body. Developing of an argumentation and research of the issue. You are expected to show all methods you have used for the analysis of the collected data.
    3. Make a generalization of the research and analysis and present your recommendations and conclusions.
    4. Bring into notice that the bibliography should include both printed and the Internet resources.
  • Stick to the chosen standardized method and style of citation and formatting, for example, MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard. Put in the best licks to formatting the in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes and bibliography of the paper as your ability to follow simple requirements of formatting shows your tutor that you are able to follow other guidelines.
  • All college writers know that top-notch paper cannot contain spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. Proofread your piece of writing thoroughly!
  • Word count limit. No one expects you to write a paper with an exact word count, however, it would be preferable to stay close to the limit. Some college paper writers also take into consideration the number of pages