Apps that Will Assist You with Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing is inevitable part of educational process so any student will have to handle this assignment sooner or later. In fact, writing is time consuming and challenging, as it requires profound knowledge of the subject, style and relevant resources. Today mobile apps become a lifeline in the sea of academic papers as they help to organize thoughts and time. Here is a list of applications that may come in handy to students who want to write papers faster and more successful.

There are several ways of using dictionaries for writing purposes: you may search for a synonym of the chosen word or to make sure that you spell the word correctly. This app resembles a dictionary that is easy to access and works as a set of various dictionaries on different subjects – medical, science etc. One of the advantages of the app is that it is possible to use the dictionary in the offline mode.


Every student knows that citing the works is the most challenging process of all, as major part of the style formatting requirements concerns citing. Many questions appear when difficult for citing books are used and with help of this app all issues will be solved. EasyBib works with MLA, APA or Chicago formats – the only thing you have to do is to scan the barcode of the book and select the necessary style. However, the app will not assist you with in-text citations, here you will have to do everything singlehanded.


This tool checks the copy-pasted text to make sure that there are no computerized writing errors. This is especially important when large pieces of text are used. With its help it is possible to select necessary parts of the text and cast away unnecessary parts. Mind that this app works on Mac OS X only.


This app is a perfect helper to easily distractive people. This app blocks access to sites that distract your attention for set amount of time, moreover, the lock will endure even if you will restart your PC or if you have finished work earlier that you expect.